Browsing the web safely: some Firefox add-ons

My interest on security and privacy has been growing a lot lately and I found myself using some Firefox add-ons related with security and privacy that I've been installing through time without even noticing it. Here is a list of some Firefox add-ons related with privacy and security you may find useful, none of them will interfere with your navigation or web rendering at all (notice the lack of NoScript) and they are all working on a Firefox 3.6.* on a 32b Linux environment.
There we go:

BetterPrivacy (1):
Some sites use long-term flash-based cookies (LSO) to keep track of what you do or retrieve personal information for third-parties (since they are flash-based they can go deeper than the browser layer), BetterPrivacy deals with them deleting those whenever you close your browser.

Secure Sanitizer :
Secure Sanitizer will securely delete your stored cache information when you ask Firefox to do it, this is useful to be sure that no navigation info will remain recoverable on your disk.

Ghostery (1):

It detects and allows you to block third-parties tracking systems so you don't leave footprints you don't want to leave ;)

PhishTank SiteChecker (1):

A simple add-on that will warn you whenever a site has been reported for phishing practices. It relies on his own list and is a perfect complement for the Firefox warning system.

LastPass (1):

LastPass is a password manager much like a keyring. It will securely encrypt and then store your password on their servers with a master password so you don't need to type in your passwords every single time. It it both useful if you don't want to remember a lot of passwords and protects you against keyloggers. It also performs grid password protection , form autofilling...

FlagFox (1):

A very simple add-on that places a little flag close to the URL in the navigation bar, indicating you which country the site you are visiting is. This is useful to look at when you suspect of some sites. It is also bundled which whois, geotools...

Force-TLS (1) and HTTPS-Everywhere (1):
Those add-ons will "force" sites to be served via SSL/TLS secure protocols (https) if available, this will allow you to handle your data securely everytime it is possible to do it.

TorButton (1):

If you already use TOR, this little add-on will help you enabling the proxy configuration for Tor with a simple click. If you still don't know about TOR, have a look !

Extra !

A couple of extra  add-ons:
NoScript (1) as I mentioned before, I find it to be a pain in the neck, but very useful anyway, it blocks any script on the web you are browsing and keeps a whitelist of sites (that you have to make).

FireSheep hast been around for a few months and surprisingly still working, it is an add-on that demonstrates the session hijacking vulnerabilities on some sites just by listening to the network you are in.

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