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Monday, February 21, 2011

Japanese input on Linux, the easy way

Japanese input on Linux, the easy way

Here is a very basic guide and fast on how to input Japanese characters on Linux using a western keyboard.
Install UIM and Anthy on your machine, find the proper packages for your distro.
Done that, the easiest way to switch between inputs is to select the proper input method (tool),
For that, open "uim-toolbar-gtk" on a terminal or whatever and select:

  • First icon: Anthy UTF-8
  • Second icon: ひらがな
  • Third icon: R (for romaji)
If you know what you are doing you should understand what it is all about. Anthy UTF-8 in the input method, hiragana is the phonetic alphabet and romaji is for your keyboard (romaji keyboard and sounds).
If you want to switch between regular and Japanese inputs, just press

For more configurations, just open uim-pref-gtk.

Now write a word in hiragana, press space, and it'll suggest the most frequently used kanji, press space again and a list of kanjis for that sound will appear.

That's it, enjoy !

-BTW, this howto is aimed for people who know what they are doing, but want a fast and easy method for writing Japanese on their Linux box-

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Photos : 21/02/2011
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